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Three Months Away!

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From March 23-30, 2013, PennGSE doctoral students will participate in a one-week inquiry trip to Helsinki, Finland. The visit will offer an opportunity to study Finland’s primary and secondary educational system, with virtual collaboration occurring prior, during, and after the trip.

Global Sharing Component using Social Media

The activities in Finland will be hosted by University of Helsinki’s School of Education and will allow participants the opportunity to investigate U.S. educational leadership issues through the lenses of Finnish school leaders.  Participants have identified their area of research prior to the trip, and virtual collaboration will allow daily inquiries to be shared. Daily conversations with participants will be available through various social media tools set up in advance including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and other transparent communication tools.

This blog will allow for anyone to participate virtually with our inquiry team. Questions will be posed from the lens of the students, teachers, parents, and school leaders in advance using this blog. To draw followers and participation to the blog, Twitter will be used including a special trip hashtag #pennfinn13 will generate an ongoing virtual and global PLC on Finland’s education system.

Special thanks to Kathy Rho, Mike Johanek, Jari Lavonen (University of Helsinki), Sam Abrams (Columbia University) and Pasi Sahlberg (author of Finnish Lessons), for their help in planning this special inquiry trip.

Interested in learning and participating? Submit your own question here on what you’d like to learn about students, teachers, parents and/or school leaders in Finland.

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