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Edutopia’s Global #PennFinn13 gHangout on Finnish Education (Video Archive)

Special thanks to Edutopia for providing the online forum for this global conversation. On Wednesday, March 28, 2013 a Google Hangout took place at the University of Helsinki’s Teacher Education Center (Minerva Plaza), bringing together US and Finnish students, teachers, parents and leaders from multiple timezones to articulate the core beliefs behind the Finnish Education System.  Follow the panelists on Twitter

When the inquiry trip to Finland was designed, the #PennFinn13 team made a conscious decision to make our learning as transparent and interactive as possible. We’ve been utilizing social media to bring our experience to a wide audience to create opportunities for people all over the world to “join us” as we learn. We’re proud that one of our partners in helping to share this learning experience is Edutopia.

Edutopia provides an array of online resources and expertise to help drive innovation and reforms in learning. Aside from hosting our Google Hangout chat yesterday they have also hosted several blogs posts that you won’t find on our #PennFinn13 sites . Please consider visiting their site to read more about our experiences in Finland and to take advantage of the truly impressive resources they provide to educators around the world!

Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: How We Value Our Teachers by Brandon Wiley

Does Student Voice Translate in Finnish? by Brandon Wiley

Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: A Journey of Inquiry by Joe Mazza

Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: Setting the Stage for a Global Conversation by Joe Mazza


  1. It has been a great journey to see and hear what you will find from Finland. It is not a easy task 😉 We have to be proud what we have, but it most true that we have to change with the world. The outcomes are not for granted for years and that´s why it`s important to have networks like yours to work with. As Fulbright Alumni (The Haverford school, Philadelphia,PA 98-99) and former high school headmaster I will look all the networks to work with professionals to keep Finland as top peformer in education. We need the the GERM (http://youtu.be/TdgS–9Zg_0) too here in Finland like Pasi has been saying!

    I hope to reform the education with you for the Global good!
    Take care and have safe trip back home!
    Yours, Jukka

    • Joe Mazza says:

      Juuka – Thanks for commenting. We’ve really enjoyed our time learning about how a few schools in Finland are working for kids. To continue this work, we must put our ideas and passions together, and use these social tools to make the world smaller. I really felt like this week was a step in the right direction.

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